[HIG] Re: please do not hardcode look and feel in apps

Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes: 
> Thinking about this a bit more, it seems to me that it would be good
> to have two editions of the HIG. One would describe current best
> practices, easily implementable with standard libraries. The other
> would describe the target design, and would have links to the
> relevant bugzilla bug reports where appropriate.
> Another possibility is to have only one edition of the HIG, but with
> commentary on possible future changes. But I worry that this would
> confuse developers and designers reading the HIG, even though it might
> be more convenient for the HIG team.

That sounds perfect.

Look, I don't mean to flame; the UI work is important, so people get
overexcited about it. The keybindings tables, the new menu proposal,
new capplets, yes even guidelines on dialog buttons are all great and
long overdue. 

I'll try to be less grumpy. Let's stay focused.


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