Re: [HIG] Toggable menu options

Christian Rose wrote:

>   Menu items may be toggled between two states. This may be done either
>   independently in the same way as check boxes or as part of a group as
>   with radio buttons.
> I can't determine what the HIG favors from this, though.

In the section about checkboxes
it says:

"Label check boxes to clearly indicate the effects of both their checked
and unchecked states, for example, Show icons in menus. Where this
proves difficult, consider using two radio buttons instead so both
states can be given labels."

So we tend to prefer a single togglable item provided the current and
opposite states are obvious from the control and its label.  If they're
not, multiple controls are preferable, e.g. where the two states aren't
naturally 'opposite' (such as a choice between 'red' and 'green').


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