[HIG] Re: [Nautilus-list] Toggable menu options

Christian Rose <menthos menthos com> writes:

> lör 2002-02-16 klockan 02.25 skrev John Sullivan:
> > "Show Hidden Files", by itself,  with no checkbox next to it, is 
> > ambiguous.
> I agree, but IMHO a gtk+ theme that doesn't display a toggable menu
> option easily identifiable as a toggable menu option, whatever the
> state, is broken.

Well, I'm afraid that no themes display check menu items in the off
state these days... the GTK+ core doesn't allow it (It's very hard to
do this in an attractive manner and in fact, in a matter that makes it
clear that what you are drawing is the unselected state, not the
indicator for the selected state.)

I don't think there is much ambiguity if the menu item has appropriate

    Show Hidden Files

Clearly, a menu item that I select to show hidden files.

 \/  Show Hidden Files

Clearly a selected check menu item, that I select again to uncheck.


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