[HIG] Toggable menu options

lör 2002-02-16 klockan 02.25 skrev John Sullivan:
> "Show Hidden Files", by itself,  with no checkbox next to it, is 
> ambiguous.

I agree, but IMHO a gtk+ theme that doesn't display a toggable menu
option easily identifiable as a toggable menu option, whatever the
state, is broken.

I know Galeon makes heavy use of the toggable menu options ("Show foo")
in the View menu, instead of the "Show foo"/"Hide foo" label switch that
Nautilus uses. It might be useful if GNOME applications could agree on
one way of doing this.

The HIG mentions this

  "Toggled Menu Items

  Menu items may be toggled between two states. This may be done either
  independently in the same way as check boxes or as part of a group as
  with radio buttons.

  Any group of items operating in the same manner as a group of radio
  buttons should appear on their own in a menu or submenu or be separated
  from other items in the menu by using separators."

I can't determine what the HIG favors from this, though.


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