[HIG] A fundamental issue that hasn't been addressed

I searched the HIG for "blink", "flash" and "cursor". I found some
cursor references but these all concerned keyboard interaction.

Nowhere do the guidelines seem to mention that some people cannot work
with blinking cursors. The text cursor is something most of us see all
the time on our screens, so you would expect it to be customisable so
that you could set your own blink rate (including no blink at all).

I have a page dedicated to the subject on my web site
(http://www.perlpress.com/noblink) and get emails from people from time
to time, either thankful that one of the suggestions for getting rid of
cursor blink worked or asking for a solution for something I don't

Blinking and flashing don't only have the potential to affect
epileptics; many people cannot work with blinking and flashing because
they find it too unsettling or distracting. This is not a problem for
just a tiny minority; many items of software and many operating systems
offer some control over cursor blink rate (although few allow it to be
switched off altogether).

I believe your guidelines should recommend that people are given control
of their cursor's blink rate (including no blinking at all).

PS I think the HIG is a very good initiative.

Mark Summerfield.

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