[HIG] Terminology inconsistency


I took a quick peek at the HIG and noticed a small inconsistency.
Just above figure 3.6 the text talks about Apply, Cancel and OK buttons,
but there is at least one reference to "Try", which I assume should
refer to Apply instead:

"If most of the controls in your window are not suitable for instant
apply, consider making the whole window "explicit apply". An explicit
apply window has these three buttons in its button box, plus an optional
Help button:

    * Apply. Applies all the settings in the window, but does not close
the window in case the user wishes to change their mind.
    * Cancel. Resets all settings in the window to those that were in
force when the window was opened. Note: this must undo the effects of
all applications of the _Try_ since the window was opened, not just the
most recent one.
    * OK. Applies all settings in the window, and closes the window."

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