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Along the same lines, what exactly *are* the usabilty problems with MDI?


So, a couple things:

1) Thanks a ton for getting this out. It'll make it a lot easier to
'test' apps for usability in the 2.2 timeframe and makes it a lot more
reasonable to treat HIG violations as Real Bugs and not just 'the whim
of someone on the UI team.' So I think this is a huge step forward for
GNOME and an important milestone for the 2.2 release.

2) Calling things .0 when they've had little/no outside commentary
feedback is... not great form :) Do you think we'll see a 1.1 with any
useful feedback incorporated in the next month or two? [Not that I
expect tons of useful feedback, but what there is it would be good to
get in and get in quickly- release early and often is good for docs too

3) I'm really sorry I ran out of time to comment on it before release.
The line above worries me- from what I've had time to read so far, this
is a very solid document, but there are parts where it needs to persuade
and educate hackers and it doesn't- it takes for granted things hackers
don't know and want to know. I hope to give this a marketing-to-hackers 
review soon- will that be useful/acceptable? 

Thanks again for all the hard work, guys- I hope the a11y team follows
up on your good example and finishes their own year-old draft-document
soon :) 


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