Re: [HIG] HIG content -- anyone started?

At 12:21 AM +0100 9/5/01, colin z robertson wrote:
On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 03:25:03PM -0700, Adam Elman wrote:
 Hi folks!

 So I'm back from Seattle, LWCE is over, and I have officially run out
 of excuses not to start writing my content for the Mini-HIG.  I have
 also run out of excuses not to start acting like a project lead and
 bothering y'all as to how things are coming.  So please send me (feel
 free to copy or not copy the list as you prefer) a quick note to let
 > me know how things are going with your pieces.  If you're not sure
 > what you should be working on for the HIG, let me know ASAP.

Well, I held off on responding to this because I don't like talking
about vaporware, but I'm going to do so anyway... I'm going to try and
get the menu principles section committed tomorrow morning along with
a slightly modified standard menus section. I also have a few hundred
words on layout, but it'll need more work before it's presentable.


BTW, the reason I asked for updates is that it's generally really important for a project, and specifically for a project lead/manager, to have an idea of what's happening well before work is actually done, so potential problems, etc. can be identified early. If we always wait until the work is done, it's much more difficult to solve problems.

So it's really not so much "talking about vaporware" as just making sure that somebody (namely me :) has an idea of the big picture of what's actually going on. Which is, IMHO, an important part of any successful project. :)


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