Re: [HIG] [Fwd: 'Improving GNOME 2.0 for Humans' Review Notes]

On 29Nov2001 02:11PM (+0000), Calum Benson wrote:
> - Important Additions -
> 2.	"In general, labels should use sentence case  the first word begins
> with a capital letter, but the others do not unless they are proper
> nouns. Menu items and push buttons should use Title Case"  I disagree
> with this.  I think Title Case is the appropriate way to show labels --
> "Point of origin" and "Bill of materials" just look silly -- Windows,
> the Macintosh, and the JLF all use title case.

This is not correct, the Macintosh uses sentence caps for labels,
title caps for menu items and buttons (and always has as far as I
know). I don't know what Windows does, but the way the mac does it
looks good.

 - Maciej

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