[HIG] Documentation Style Guide compliance

Pat Costello here (one of the main doc style guide authors) has had a
read through our public HIG draft, and has said he will be happy to help
us rewrite it to be more concise and documentation styleguide
compliant-- actually he was strangely excited about the prospect, but
that's documentation types for you  :)  Anyway, this sounds to me like
an offer we should definitely take up.

Question is, when?  My original thought was to wait until we'd dealt
with the flood of review comments from the public draft, but, er...
there isn't one :)  So should we let him loose on what's there now,
which would be less work for him than leaving it till later and would
give us a good model to base the rest of our content on?  Or should we
hold off for a bit until the guidelines themselves are more stable?


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