Re: [HIG] Naming

On 06Nov2001 04:57PM (-0800), Adam Elman wrote:
> OK, now that I have a little more time to reply...:)
> Huh, I don't really remember suggesting "HI Handbook"; not terribly sure 
> how I feel about it, actually.  I still think "Human Interface 
> Guidelines" is the best and most descriptive title, but I understand why 
> that might be an issue if folks think we're too Apple-friendly.

Frankly, I don't care any more about those people than the ones who
use twm and xterms because GNOME is "like Windows".

Come on guys, most of these people have never used or read about Macs,
they won't even know if changes we suggest are Mac-like unless we say
so explicitly or it's something blindingly obvious (application menu
bar at the top of the screen).
> What about "User Interface Guidelines"?

I think the HI/Usability community has come to use the term Human
Interface rather than User Interface to emphasize the system being
adapter to the person using it, rather than the person adapting to the
system. Thus, you think of them as a "Human", not just a "User". It's
a minor point to make, but I see no reason to step back from it.



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