Re: [HIG] Docbook source

At 7:14 PM -0700 8/12/01, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
On 13Aug2001 12:01AM (+0100), colin z robertson wrote:
 Ok, I'm taking Maciej's comments as a decision to go with docbook
 rather than html.

That was a comment, not a decision. I think the decision is up to Adam
as project lead. I'm just telling him (and the rest of the team) some
of the external requirements.

Thanks Maciej. :) I think that if Gregory and I are both willing to learn docbook (and like I said, I am if others are) then I don't have any strong objections to learning docbook, especially given the external requirement for GNOME documentation standards.

So yeah, I'll make the call for docbook. I'll start looking at it over the next few days (I'm in Seattle visiting family, but should have some time to be online).



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