Re: [HIG] Mini-Guidelines Calendar

On 09Aug2001 03:52PM (-0700), Adam Elman wrote:
> OK, here in one place is a proposed timeline for the GNOME HI Mini-Guidelines.

Great to see a timeline!

> 00:00 UTC Friday, 28 September (aka 5PM PDT on Thurs. 9/27): draft 
> content for all sections has been committed to CVS so that other 
> members of the HIG team can comment.
> 00:00 UTC Friday, 19 October (aka 5PM PDT on Thurs. 10/18): reviewer 
> comments are incorporated into text, draft is published for further 
> comment by wider GNOME Usability Project team.

Hmm, that sounds like only 3 weeks total for the reviewer comments and
the time to incorporate them. Perhaps it would be better to have a 2
week dedicated period for review and then another 2 week period to
incorporate feedback into the draft.

 - Maciej

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