[HIG] Mini-Guidelines Calendar

OK, here in one place is a proposed timeline for the GNOME HI Mini-Guidelines.

I'm putting exact times on these to reduce confusion about dates; of course we can be flexible about this. Also, these dates are ideally to be _completion_ dates; if we can achieve parts of these milestones sooner, so much the better. Specifically, I mean that we should be committing draft content to CVS as quickly as possible, and reviewers should be taking a look at the content as early as possible.

00:00 UTC Thursday, 16 August (aka 5PM PDT on Wed. 8/16): firm decisions on:
* Outline and prioritization of mini-guideline comments
* Basic style guidelines for writing mini-guideline content

00:00 UTC Monday, 20 August (aka 5PM PDT on Sunday, 8/19): all sections of the mini-guidelines have volunteers to write them.

00:00 UTC Friday, 28 September (aka 5PM PDT on Thurs. 9/27): draft content for all sections has been committed to CVS so that other members of the HIG team can comment.

00:00 UTC Friday, 19 October (aka 5PM PDT on Thurs. 10/18): reviewer comments are incorporated into text, draft is published for further comment by wider GNOME Usability Project team.

00:00 UTC Friday, 30 November (aka 5PM PDT on Thurs. 11/29): All comments are incorporated, "final" mini-guidelines for GNOME 2.0 are published.

Comments? We may need some mini-milestones in the middle of these, and of course we'll need to reevaluate the schedule as things go.

Let me know what y'all think.


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