Re: new branch (gyrus-python)

El jue, 15-11-2007 a las 13:13 -0300, Alejandro Valdes Jimenez escribió:
> Hello,
> A new branch has been create in SVN. This branch is the version in pygtk
> of gyrus.

I took a quick look to your work in the branch and have some

- You moved from the object oriented design of gyrus (with GyrusMainApp,
GyrusAdmin, and so on) in trunk to a single class with all the code.
Isn't it that a move backwards regarding the design of the software? Why
not maintain the code well organized? Python makes it way easier, and I
suppose that's one of the goals in mind with the language switch.

- There's a typo in the name of the file '', which
should be called ''. 

- Also, I'd advocate for some consistency on the file names. See the C
sources filenames for an example of that.


Claudio Saavedra <csaavedra alumnos utalca cl>

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