Re: Gvfs and Server-side SMB copy

I haven't been able to locate Ross gvfs dev branch that he mentionned
on his blog.

As far as I understand, samba server-side copy is only available with
the SMB2 protocol, and gvfs can only connect through SMB1 (NT1) ?

Or did I understand something wrong ?


On Thu, 27 Oct 2016 09:06:06 +0200, Ondrej Holy <oholy redhat com>
wrote :


I didn't know that Ross made this code for GVfs... is the code
available somewhere?

I proposed patches for this recently, however, I haven't got enough
time to test it properly yet...



2016-10-26 19:29 GMT+02:00 Saint Germain <saintger gmail com>:


I would like to use server-side SMB copy with Nautilus (gvfs):

Server-side, it is already possible with Samba 4.1.
Client-side, it seems that the code is in libsmbclient 4.3.

Now the only item missing is the code in gvfs ?

Is there some plan to implement it ?

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