Re: Questions about Nautilus/GVFS/GIO/gvfsd-dav

> Run the main gvfs daemon in the forground (start it from the command
> line with the "-r", i.e. replace) flag and watch the debugging spew.
> To increase the debugging spew of http/dav set the GVFS_HTTP_DEBUG env
> variable to "all" [or "body" or "header"].
Wow this helps a lot, thanks !!! Actually I made a small java
application in order to trace HTTP transactions but this is interesting
to have information from "inside". Know I'll try to sort out my problems
with gfsd-dav.  

By the way, is there any reason for doing a PROFIND/Depth:1 on every
single collection found on a folder ? I mean, y have about 400 files in
this folder, so the engine is making 400 queries just to "know" that
there is a file inside. And if go down to the folder, and up again, the
engine is redoing it (no cache ?). 

In the same idea, any hope to see GZIP encoded activated ? I made some test
between my server and DAVExplorer which supports that, and this make a huge 
difference as the payload is very well compressed. For my 400 files folder, 
normal payload is 250kb, and 17 with compression. I think this and the cache 
stuff would make gfvsd-dav very snappy. 

> There is support in gio/gvfs to handle moves inside the same gvfs
> mount natively in the backend (i.e. doing a MOVE not a GET, PUT,
> DELETE) but I think its just not implement yet. My fault again.
Ok, so I'm not crazy and this will happen at one point. BTW is there any tuto 
somewhere in order to build my own version of gvfsd-dav ? is it "easy" ? Perhaps 
an url to check out ? 

> > Thank you in advance for your responses. And by the way, thank you to
> > peoples who are working on GVFS/GIO, this is just a great step for Gome
> > desktop.
> Always good to hear that! Thanks a bunch!
To be honest with you, I've been waiting this since KDE4 is out and that
I decided to switch "definitely" to Gnome. KIO was a huge productivity help 
and I was sad not to find the same framework. So yes, I really appreciate your 
work, and if I can give a hand, I will. 



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