gvfs basic testing

I have been working in gvfs for some time. But, I could not find much
information on the NET. However, I downloaded gvfs-0-2.3 source package
on my desktop (ununtu) and trying to test some of the gvfs commands to
familiarize with GVFS architecture. 

However, I have no pointers on how to go about from this point. I just
tried mounting the localtest, but it failed with the following error.

laptop:/usr/local/share/gvfs/mounts$ gvfs-mount localtest://
Error mounting location: volume doesn't implement mount

Our goal is to mount our own file system (gvfs) and integrate with our
rest of the code.

Provide me some pointers for good documentation in GVFS, which will save
my time in developing our own back-end program.

Thanks in advance.

- CM 

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