Re: Writing a gvfs backend

On Fri, 2008-05-09 at 11:29 -0600, Boyd Timothy wrote:
> Hey Alex,
> I wondered if you could give me a couple pointers about writing a gvfs
> backend.  I'd like to write one using something like python which only
> exposes its interface via DBus.  Where can I look to see which
> specific DBus Interfaces I need to implement, complete with their
> method signatures?

You can't do this at the moment. The dbus interfaces are not totally
stable, and additionally file i/o is done using a custom binary protocol
over a pipe. We have deliberately not stabilized either the dbus
protocol or the daemon side C interface because we're still tweaking it
as we learn how things work.

The way you currently implement gvfs backends is by subclassing
GVfsBackend and implement the operations there. I'd recommend you look
at the current ones to see some examples.

> Also, if I add a *.mount file to /usr/share/gvfs/mounts what (short of
> rebooting) should I do to get gvfsd to pick that up?

send usr1 to gvfsd, or restart gvfsd.

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