Re: On Emblems


Clemens Buss schrieb:

may I briefly introduce myself, for those who don't know me and who are
probably the majority as I suppose. My name is Clemens Buss and I
currently do a Summer of Code for GNOME (
) mentored by Christian Kellner.
The title of my project is "Tagging and Emblems on the GNOME Desktop".
The goal is sort of a cleanup of the whole emblems-concept in GNOME and
a connection of it with a decent tagging system. But I don't want to
repeat what's on my SoC page and a lot will become clearer below anyway.
Let's try to come to the point.

Since a while but more actively since last week I am working on a design
and implementation for the representation of emblems together with
GIcon. Yesterday, Matthias Clasen and I figured that we are both kind of
working on the same problem right now, which is the support for Emblems
in GIcon.
Today we had a good discussion or IRC on the whole matter and he asked
and encouraged me to post my design for discussion.

So I would like to present and explain what I have in mind. Essentially
it is the following:

- GThemedIcon
   +----GEmblem: it inherits from GThemedIcon, plus then adds
properties, which can indicate for instance where the emblem "comes
from" (see ? below).

How important is that we keep the term "emblem". I don't like 'GEmblemableIcon' that much. The emblem can be used as a decoration/annotation/tag. So what about
- GThemedIcon

- GInterface
(is 'decoratable' an english word?)


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