Re: On Emblems

On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 3:13 PM, Stefan Kost <ensonic hora-obscura de> wrote:

> How important is that we keep the term "emblem". I don't like
> 'GEmblemableIcon' that much. The emblem can be used as a
> decoration/annotation/tag. So what about
> - GThemedIcon
>   +----GIconDecoration:
> - GInterface
>   +----GDecoratableIcon:
> (is 'decoratable' an english word?)

The term 'emblem' is not very important, and yes, GEmblemedIcon is not
a very nice name. When initially discussed this api, we spent some time
trying to come up with a better one, but nothing really convincing came up.
So GEmblemedIcon stayed. Its just a name, after all...

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