[guppi-list] no graphs in 0.75


I installed gnumeric-0.75 and Guppi-0.40 from redhat/rawhide

when I start gnumeric I get a little error msg in stdout:
Bonobo-WARNING **: Syntax error in ''

but Gnumeric runs anyway.

But I cannot create graphs. When I click on the button I get

** WARNING **: 'Nothing matched the requirements.' : while attempting to
activate a graphing component.
oaf-run-query "repo_ids.has('IDL:GNOME/Gnumeric/Graph_v1/Manager:1.0')"
should return a value.

how can I get Guppi and gnumeric work together?



Jens Ansorg
get my public GnuPG key at http://ja-web.de/

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