[guppi-list] compiled and installed guppi 0.40 now what

I'd like to use the embedded graphs in gnumeric
i have installed the binary deb
ii  gnumeric             0.72-0.2             A GNOME spreadsheet

and guppi 0.40 that I compiled from source  (in /usr not /usr/local)

gnumeric aparently detects guppi since it contains both
"Guppi component" and "Guppi graphs for Gnumeric"
in the insert object dialog box.

however choosing the first item generates a error message
Unable to create object of type 'OAFID:GNOME_Guppi'

choosing the second item  lets me draw a container for the new graph object
but I can't figure out how to tell it what range of cells to use for the

finally invoking the graph guru from the toolbar just puts up dialog
boxes without options

what am I missing here?



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