[guppi-list] What's libguppiuseful (Solaris/Gnucash/Guppi problems)

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Has anyone compiled Guppi-0.35.3 and gnucash-1.5.3 on a
Solaris 8 system. This is really giving me a hard time:

Compile Guppi and installed. When I try to compile gnucash,
it fails to ./configure with:

    Undefined                       first referenced
     symbol                             in file
     PyMapping_GetItemString /usr/local/lib/libguppiuseful.so

in config.log. Seeing there might be a problem with Guppi and
Python, I tried:

    ./configure --disable-python

the guppi compile fails. Complains about missing Rule to make
something required by "ligguppiuseful".

Any ideas? I mean any?

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