Re: [guppi-list] guppi compilation problem

On 19 Jun 2001 17:15:15 +1000, Steve Kieu wrote:
> After running configure without errors (at least error
> messages) I typed make and I got the following error:
> ../libguppiplot/.libs/ undefined
> reference to `glade_xml_get_widget'
> ../libguppiplot/.libs/ undefined
> reference to `glade_xml_new'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make[3]: *** [demo] Error 1
> What should I do?

You probably need to install either libglade and/or the libglade
development package (which is probably called libglade-dev or

> BTW I only want to run GnuCash; ; got binary (Mandrake
> RPM) from their site, installling and can not run
> because something related to PYTHONHOME and `cannot
> import site` ....; I searched the net and somebody
> said that it is because of guppi library part linked
> with python. (I used the binary guppi RPM from
> Mandrake cooker); then I am told to recompile guppi
> without python support. 

I don't know details about Mandrake's Guppi RPMs.  However, it might be
easier for you to just install python on your system.  Guppi can be a
difficult thing to build.

> I dont know how things are so
> complicated like that when it should not be (at least
> all version I used is said to be *stable*). For
> example guppi source I use version 0.35.5 etc.. . 

Now that brings up something that I've found to be pretty strange.  When
they re-organized the GNOME FTP site a while ago, Guppi got put under
the "stable" part of the tree.  Which is totally wrong, because Guppi is
not "stable" in the sense of being complete, finished, bug-free, etc.

> the configure script should be revised some points to
> detect the system configuration more accurately.

I totally agree.

Good luck,

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