Guppi 0.33.1 experimental RPM


I have made an RPM of Guppi 0.33.1 for Red Hat 6.1. You can find it at:

It built, installed, and ran. For some reason, it segfaults on my Red
Hat 6.1 system when I try to make a new scatter plot. Under Mandrake 7,
it does not. It could be a problem with my Guile RPMS - I have no idea
who made them - not Red Hat.

Under Mandrake 7, it aborts when you try to plot anything, complaining
about missing .glade files. If you download them and put them in your
working directory - then run Guppi, it appears to work.

So as you can see, I'll probably have to do something with the spec
file.: )

I'd appreciate it if people would try it out. I'm not sure if the
problems are Guppi's, or more likely my RPM's.

--Kenny: )

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