changes in goose


I just committed a patch that enables compilation of goose on Windows
95/98/NT (i.e. not guppi).  There is a Microsoft Developer Studio v6.0
file in there that you can use to try it, but it should be easy to get it
going with any Windows compiler.  Therefor, I won't provide project files
for other environments than DevStud6.

The patch was rather big, but most changes are trivial, and in the future,
it shouldn't take much energy to keep this port going.  I haven't enabled
any symbols to be exported into the DLL yet, but that's a simply matter
that I'll look into one of these days.

When that is done, I'll have a look at cleaning up a few things, and then
enhancing the ASCII import feature, to the benefit of the Unix version as


I was browsing the automake/autoconf documentation to learn how to set up
the Unix configuration to default the CXXFLAGS to "-Wall -pedantic -ansi"
when using gcc, but I didn't manage to.  Maybe somebody on this list knows
what needs to be put in where?  If this stuff is enabled by default, it
should be trivial to keep the Windows port alive.  The only thing to watch
out for beyond keeping the source ANSI, is to use <iostream> rather than
<iostream.h>, because of name-space clashes.



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