Ascii Import update 2


I worked a bit more on the Ascii Import feature.
Now, it automagically can set up the parameters for a given
kind of ColumnDivider.  In other words, if you tell the engine
that the file is a fixed-width file, it'll figure out the rest
by itself.
Similarly, you can tell the engine that it's a delimited file,
and it's figure out which delimiter it needs to use.

There are still a number of things missing before the engine
is fully automatic.  I'll have a look at that next week, unless
the unlikely event that somebody else does it.

Btw. Jon, by setting the heading_lines() to 4, and using fixed-width
delimiter, I can handle the annoy.2 file pretty good.  Similarly,
with a delimiter-engine and heading_lines() to 2, the annoy.1 file 
is basically perfect.

Of course, the goal is to make all of it automatic, so that you
don't need to fiddle with heading_lines and engine-type by yourself.
I hope to reach that goal next week.



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