Missing "context-available" signals during runtime after upgrade to libgupnp 0.16.0

Hi Ross,

Hi all,


we started our project using  libgupnp version 0.13.4 since it's the latest package available in Ubuntu 10.10.


Because we are now experiencing some strange behaviour regarding UPnP we decided to upgrade to libgupnp 0.16.0 (and libgssdp 0.10.0).


After doing so we got the following problem: We are using the context-manager to get notified about new network interfaces (or in terms of libgupnp "contexts") during runtime.


Using the old version 0.13.4 the signalling went fine, after upgrading we do not receive any signals during runtime (those interfaces being up at starttime are reported fine).


So our question is: Has the API changed in some way or are there any known bugs regarding our problem?


(I studied the lib's changelog und read sth. about the DBUS-accessing being replaced with sth. else... can this have sth. to do?)



Thanks in advance and best regards,





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