RE: [gupnp] How to use gupnp-av-cp with Images and/or Videos

On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 07:29 +0000, John Frankish wrote:
> >
> Using rygel's renderer and by trying to play a test mp4 video with gupnp-av-cp, failing, adding software packages, trying again, etc - I finally managed to play a test mp4 video, though I cannot say which particular combination of software enabled this to work...
> So now I can use gupnp-av-cp to play mp3 and watch mp4 streamed by rygel using rygel's renderer, but I cannot view jpeg or png images
> Apart from libjpeg/libpng, what would be required to view image files, is there any way to get rygel/gupnp-av-cp to display what it is missing to render the files? "rygel --log-level=5" doesn't help and gupnp-av-cp doesn't appear to have a debug mode

The renderer doesn't announce support for images IIRC.

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