[gugmasters] Instructions to request GNOME 3 DVDs

Hi all,

As mentioned several weeks ago, we got a few thousands GNOME 3 DVDs to
help promote the release of 3.0. We've already used quite a few of them
at events like Solutions Linux in Paris and Linuxtag in Berlin, and
people really love them!

We're now ready to send DVDs to people organizing a GNOME presence at
events, or to some user groups. Thanks to the Foundation for allocating
a budget to help with shipping them.

We have some DVDs in China, Europe, India and the US. We'll do our best
to cover the needs from everywhere around the world with this (while
still respecting the budget :-)).

All the information needed to know how to request DVDs is at



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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