[gugmasters] Issues for goodies

Hi all,

Recently there are some parties  inform us there are below issues:

1. DHL or FEDEX ask for tax ( usually ask for 80 - 100 USD  tax) for their packages. For this situation, please try to explain and negotiate with them. Those are promotional/advertising materials from a GNOME Foundation which is a non-profit organization given to you. GNOME is not selling anything. Those goodies have no commercial value and shouldn't be taxable. It sometimes takes a bit of time and patience, but usually they do understand and let the stuff go through.

2.DHL or FEDEX ask for Health Permission for balloons .We don't have such document. In this case, the worst thing is have a party without Balloons.

3. (ALL)  Please update your status whether you received the package or not from Google doc .


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