Re: [gugmasters] Gnome 3.0 party from Turkey


Thanks for asking and wanting to celebrate the 3.0 release! To be listed just register to and edit the wiki page (in the proper section for your area).

We should also add a map pretty soon, so you'll have to come back for that.

Thank you very much and let us know if you need anything else.


On 03/18/2011 04:01 AM, Kaan Ozdincer wrote:
Hello Friends;

I'm member of COMAK[0] project. Which make some develops on Pardus
Linux[1] (National Linux Distro of Turkey).
Pardus is a distro which has only kde support. Also some Pardus
products includes KDE library.
Comak team want to make support of other desktop environments(Also we
make Lxde[2], Enlightenment[3] and fluxbox[4] support) and we made
undepend from KDE.
Comak members are generally Computer Engineering students on Canakkale
Onsekiz Mart University. Who working on this project as linux lover
and contributer.
We thinking about making Gnome3 support on Pardus. And want to
complete this support at June 2011.

We will have a Gnome3 Launch Party at 9 April.
I know we are late for registeration. We want to be added to party
list on wiki[5] (don't want any goodies only want to launch gnome3
together :)
What should we do be added on registered party?

Best Regards.


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