Re: [gugmasters] Tracking ID for Your GNOME 3.0 Party Goodies

hi all,

I have update the Google doc with below:
1. Everyone can edit, so please update the status (YES/NO) once you receive your package.
2. Update new Tracking ID for some transfered DHL
3. Leave your comments

Enjoy the party and make GNOME 3.0 rocks.

2011/3/14 Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com>
Hi GNOME 3.0 Party Organizers,

We have send out all the packages last week, below is the tracking number for you to track your package.

Note: Your email and phone number are keep confidential, we just list your name and city/country in below document.

To view and search your tracking number, please visit this Google Doc:

You can also download the tracking number file from GNOME wiki:"">

Emily Chen

Board Director of GNOME Foundation

1. Tracking number start as : EE377370028CN, please tracking in EMS website
2. Tracking number start as: 7658183XXX, please tracking in DHL website
3. Some DHL has a transferred tracking ID, check it next to “Tracking number”
4. Tracking Number start as: YW864570472CN, we will track it for you. Because the tracking system is complicate for you to search
5. Tracking number start as : W234XXXXXX, please use YUAN TONG tracking system
6. Tracking number start as : 1073714XXXX, please use SHUN FENG tracking system
7. Only one mail to Poland, ID is : CP216330889CN please use this website to track:

        YUAN TONG    
        SHUN FENG         

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