Re: [gugmasters] Oportunity for GNOME event in Chile, 2008

Hi Fabián,

> The main event in Chile related to FLOSS is the "Encuentro Nacional
> Linux", which in its 9th edition will be hosted at the Universidad de
> Concepción, in the south of Chile next year.
> Being part of the organization commitee, and our close relation to
> GNOME Chile, one of the goals of the organization is to create a track
> related to GNOME. For this we have in mind to bring to Chile some cool
> rock stars from the project, for wich Pedro Villavicencio (one of our
> local rock stars) is in Cambridge at the UDS trying to convince
> Vincent Untz to come here and enjoy the chilean wine, same thing with
> André Klapper, a good friend of GNOME Chile ;)

Nice! I'm sure the brazilians would be interested in having them too. :-)

> The conference is planned for October 22 - 25, 2008. So there is still
> time to coordinate the efforts between other south american gug's.
> This related to Diego Escalante proposal in the Marketing-list about
> promoting events in South America and sharing the speakers between
> sync'ed conferences, it would be the time to demonstrate the
> posibility of make Diego's idea come true and sum up efforts between
> Southamerican communities.
> It would be nice to hear your opinion.

I've forwarded your proposal to GNOME Brasil mailing list. Let's see
if we can find a cool conferente in Brazil (October 22-25) that could
host those guys too.



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