Re: [gugmasters] Oportunity for GNOME event in Chile, 2008

Hey Fabián!

On 11/7/07, Fabián Arias <fabian gnome cl> wrote:
> Hi,
> The main event in Chile related to FLOSS is the "Encuentro Nacional
> Linux", which in its 9th edition will be hosted at the Universidad de
> Concepción, in the south of Chile next year.
> Being part of the organization commitee, and our close relation to
> GNOME Chile, one of the goals of the organization is to create a track
> related to GNOME. For this we have in mind to bring to Chile some cool
> rock stars from the project, for wich Pedro Villavicencio (one of our
> local rock stars) is in Cambridge at the UDS trying to convince
> Vincent Untz to come here and enjoy the chilean wine, same thing with
> André Klapper, a good friend of GNOME Chile ;)

Awesome! That sounds like another chance to take revenge over Vincent
on ice-cream eating.

> The conference is planned for October 22 - 25, 2008. So there is still
> time to coordinate the efforts between other south american gug's.
> This related to Diego Escalante proposal in the Marketing-list about
> promoting events in South America and sharing the speakers between
> sync'ed conferences, it would be the time to demonstrate the
> posibility of make Diego's idea come true and sum up efforts between
> Southamerican communities.

Thanks for taking the first step about this on gugmasters, this Friday
our local group has a meeting for talking about something we are
putting together this December, I'll comment them about this chance,
but I think I can already say that there's no problem with the date,
you can be sure that we want our share of Vincent and Andre next year

We could even work out getting people from Chile and Perú together for
at least one of the two events, it would be really cool!.

I look forward for this to happen :), I'll get back to you with some
more ideas this weekend. Let's see what others have to say, please
feel free to comment!



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