[guadec-local] restaurant recommendations?

Hey folks!

I'm finishing up some organizational bits for a mail to send out to GNU
Hackers Meeting participants, some 40 of them or so, and I could really
use your help in food matters.

On Friday (the 23rd, mind you) we need somewhere for about 30 people to
eat dinner. Not too expensive, and we should make a reservation.

Saturday we can probably make up plans as we go along, but we should
mention some lunch places in a mail to participants for logistics
purposes, and have dinner options in mind.

Sunday will be tricky -- it doesn't seem like there's much around the
venue itself. Any ideas?

Well that's all. I hope to pull together this info tomorrow, and send
out in a publicity mail, so prompt feedback would be greatly
appreciated. Apologies for the short notice.

Thanks in advance, and happy hacking :)


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