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Vilanova té clubs de futbito, suposo. Igual es tracta de posar-nos
d'acord amb algun d'ells per a organitzar això a canvi del que
s'emportin del bar més el que tinguin de tarifes de lloguer la pista i
arbitres (acostumen a ser pocs calés).

Algú vol coordinar això? És d'aquestes coses "no serioses" que, en
canvi, fan molt de caliu, donen un to molt diferent a ena conferència i
és bon material per a blogs i fotos i, en definitiva, bon marketing.

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GUADEC 2006 is being held in Futbolandia during the FIFA World Cup, so
expect to have football in the background, as any other serious activity
has in this country.  ;)

The skeleton schedule refers to a football match GNOME-KDE, and as far I
remember Dave and Rodrigo already offered themselves to wear the GNOME

Dave had this great idea of having instead a GNOME - Rest of the World
match, since we are going to invite not only KDE developers but also
people from Xfce, X, freedesktop.org and any other free desktop
interested to come and join us.

We need a local organizer (I'll forward this to the guadec-local list),
GNOME players and a captain. Once we have agreed the basics of the game
we will contact "the visitors" to help them build a competitive team.

About the technical aspects, I think it's easier/better/funnier to go
for a futsal [1] match instead of an official 11 players football game.
Easier to complete a team with players in the bench, easier to find a
location, easier to get the tier more full than empty... I guess also
easier for the regular hackers to finish the game before exhaustion.

We need a location with sound system, official T-shirts (yes, with your
name and logo in it), real referrers, a raffle in the break, a big
trophy for the winner and a small trophy for the... finalist. None of
these are difficult to get in Futbolandia as fas as we have an organizer
and a small budget.

Of course we also need to find the appropriate moment, not overlapping
with any World Cup football match.  :)

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org | http://guadec.org

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