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Yes, that's the general idea.

Keynote invitations to GNOME people can be less urgent, because they usually are coming anyway, and sometimes it's Vetter to wait and figure out what the hot topics are. We've also had a few talk proposals through the call for papers which were "promoted" to a keynote based on the recommendation of the Program Committee.


"Juan José Sánchez Penas" <jjsanchez igalia com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>Are we considering also some key GNOME people to give some of the
>keynote presentations? I like the idea of inviting some speakers from
>outside the community, to bring some fresh air, but in the end I think
>most people go to GUADEC to learn and get inspired about the present
>and future of GNOME itself.
>An obvious example of this would be a keynote by (somebody from) the
>design team on how they see the present&future of GNOME in
>terms of UX, but I am sure we could come up with other similar ones.
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