Re: [guadec-list] Working on the official web theme & layout

Hi John,

I even have a 1920x1200 resolution, but stiil feel that the site is a
bit too wide. Even on my notebook where I only have 1024x768 I prefer
not to use the full width for broser windows. I find narrower columns
easier to read. Thats why magazines use two or three columns for the
main text.
So if the site fits e.g. 800 I belive it would look better.

Another iisue are the guade & gnome logos at the top. What about having
the gnome logo next to the guadec logo on the left ( or even add a '+'
in between).
Then the top header can be made a bit shorter. Right now there is quite
a lot of empty space there. Don'T get me wrong, we should not fill every
pixel with infos though.


John Hwang wrote:
> Calum,
> What dimensions is your browse window?  I did target 1024x768, given
> that most peopel have at least 1024x768 monitors... It's been a while
> since manufacturers stopped shipping 800x600 as default... It's
> trivial to modify the site to fit in a 800x600. 
> Personally, I'm not sure supporting 800x600 is a good idea, give that
> the site has to accomodate different preferences of larger font sizes
> and especially different locales which may have longer/larger phrases
> than English.
> John Hwang // tavon
> On 2/24/06, *Calum Benson* <Calum Benson sun com
> <mailto:Calum Benson sun com>> wrote:
>     On 24 Feb 2006, at 08:21, Quim Gil wrote:
>     > Those of you interested in the look & feel, structure and
>     > navigation of
>     > the website are invited to test and suggest improvements on tavon's
>     > GUADEC theme, already available.
>     >
>     > Post your comments at or
>     > replying here, if you feel so lazy.
>     Sorry, it's Friday afternoon, and I'm lazy :)
>     Main problem... others have said it, but it's far too wide.  A well-
>     designed web page fits my browser window, not the other way around.
>     I have an adequately-large screen (1280x854), but I normally like to
>     keep my browser window approximately square (and a bit less than the
>     height of the screen), which keeps the line lengths of most pages
>     readably-short.  I find anything wider than that to be unpleasant to
>     look at, let alone read.  If a website forces me to resize my window,
>     I usually just go somewhere else instead.
>     My only other comment is about the GNOME logo at the top.  It's not
>     aligned with anything, it's not centred, and it's too far away from
>     the GUADEC logo to look as if they're grouped together.  It just
>     looks like it's been put there for no particular reason and nobody
>     really knows what to do with it :/
>     That apart, it's a nice clean theme, and if those things were sorted
>     out it would be pretty good.  (How does it do on accessibility?)
>     Cheeri,
>     Calum.
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