Printing and logo olours (was Re: [guadec-list] Weekly meeting reminder)

We need a list of printed materials, yes.

- Program
- Flyers
- T- Shirts
- Bag
- Banners for the main venue and 3 entrances.
- Posters
- How you call in English these identification cards you wear all the
time in a conference?

What else?

Suggestions for useful merchandising?

About the logo.

>From the committee perspective we need a logo now, so I'm for using the
current blue as we are already doing for the brochure and only change it
if you or someone else come with an amazing combination of colours.

Yesterday we didn't talk about colours. My opinion is to keep the blue,
as we have got until now. This is the color we are used to for the
website and the color of the logo that won.

If we feel like looking for inspiration on local stuff for color
changes, I'd rather look for the colors present in the landscape.
Vilanova is in front of the Mediterranean sea which is generally
blue-ish (some days more greeny, more grey, seas are fascinating from a
RGB perspective). It is surrounded also by mountains if Mediterranean
pine trees, you have long beaches of brown sand, the houses tend to be
white as it's typical in the Catalan coast...

To me this would describe Vilanova much better than any flag. Flags are
tricky anytime & anywhere, and Vilanova 2006 is not an exception.

En/na Behnam Esfahbod ha escrit:

> I can help on the design of t-shirts, posters, etc.  Also let decide
> about the color and theme tonight.  Now that GUADEC have a static logo,
> colors are the most customized views of each year.  Maybe some designs
> with the colors of Spain and Catalonia flags; that will be a good
> memorial of where the event happened.  Another idea is to print GUADEC
> flags with the those colors.
> I try to be online tonight.
> Cheers,

Quim Gil -

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