Re: [guadec-list] Weekly meeting reminder


Quim Gil wrote:
Like every Monday, today we meet at #guadec ( at 20h UTC,
21h Vilanova time.

I'll be there.


- Sponsors' brochure: steps to finish it. A last review.

- Website: steps to release the website. Homepage elements, navigation
and new theme implementation.

* Sponsorship - getting the ball rolling, see my mail earlier.

* Travel & accommodation, getting money made available to pay people's expenses, and soliciting expense requests

* Call for papers - status, closing date, selection process.

* Printing - t-shirts, posters, conference programmes. Where do we do the printing? Who's going to get quotes? What do we need printed? What are our deadlines for getting content?

The sponsor's brochure is useful to this, but I think that once your last remarks are taken into account, it's ready to go. Ludo's spent a great deal of time on it already, and I'd like to call it a day on that. The website, in my eyes, has lower priority than moving forward on the conference content and sponsors, and starting to get people information on subsidies.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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