Re: [guadec-list] proposal: regular phone meetings

Voice meetings are needed in order to be more effective. However, I
don't think they will work in the terms you suggest and I don't see them
as a substitute of the IRC weekly meeting.

- The Generalitat and Vilanova representatives have tight agendas and
priorities, it's not easy to have them the same day & hour of the week,
every week. Meetings should be generally before 15h since they don't
work on evenings. There is also a problem with English. Also, they want
to worry only about the issues that affect to them. Email and phone
directly with them works much better.

- The focus on top priorities should be taken by the teams - - plus coordination.
Each team has currently 3 or less people, it's much easier to make a
voice meeting and get to specific conclusions in this context, instead
of a weekly general meeting through voice conference.

- I'm not sure that conference calls are helpful to increase
participation. They work better for a small group of committed people.

I think the problem is not meeting by IRC or conference call. The
problem is that we still don't have defined teams with defined members,
responsibilities and objectives. This makes that an undefined group of
people discuss an undefined bunch of issues with variable participation
and a difficulty to get results.

If each team concrentrates on their issues and come up with solutions,
we will break the current dynamics, everybody will need to worry just
about the issues relating with the teams in which they are involved and
we will make a better use of coordination.

En/na David Neary ha escrit:
> Hi,
> I would like to see us having regular phone meetings, including, if
> possible, a representative of the Generalitat and the university. I am
> convinced that this would help us refocus on top priorities (the call
> for papers, sponsorship, accommodation and travel costs) and increase
> participation.
> I am sure that others, like me, don't have access to IRC regularly. I
> realise that cost is an issue, but I believe we can quickly find someone
> to host the calls in Spain or France if we are agreed on principle. For
> my part, I know that I will be much more available for phone meetings
> than IRC meetings.
> Cheers,
> Dave.

Quim Gil -

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