Re: [guadec-list] Brochure updated

My last list of comments. Pick the ones you find appropriate.  :)

I wanted to add some context to the references but cut&paste on this
document is impossible because it scrambles the words  :?


- What about a white font for the date ad location, the current color
looks a bit unconvincing.


- I agree with Murray taking out the "GNU Network Model..." since GNOME
is not an acronym anymore but a name in itself.

- About the version, the current is in fact 2.12. Not big deal and it
depends on when are we reading this brochure but since we are going to
start sending it next week...

- "GNOME technology is also found in some surprising places", as Murray

- I the same column, "propriortery" is wring, we can put proprietary or
privative or non-free, as you wish.

- Do we really need to write the "(R)" in UNIX and Linux? Looks weird.

- in the primary goals "to developers and contributors to meet" is
correct? Maybe better "to facilitate developers and contributors meetings"

- We can take out "Developers and interested parties will continue to
meet until Sunday..." it's just a possibilty we mentioned at some point.
The official program ends on Friday and as for today we don't have
offers for the weekend (and we don't expect to have them).

- "Approach Weekend", in upper case.

- "GUADEC Core" instead of "GUADEC itself".

- "during the three GUADEC Core days" instead of "the main GUADEC event"

The rest is ok but I still think the packages need some better
definition (sorry). For instance, I'm against offering speaking slots in
exchange of money.

I'll come up with a final proposal about packages tomorrow. If I don't
do it and nobody else do it then we can consider these the definitive.

En/na Ludovic Danigo ha escrit:
> Hi,
> I've just uploaded latest versions of the Brochure,
> hopefully the last if none find problems :-)
> Please have a look because you know when you have the
> nose in sometimes you don't see obvious errors/tipos
> ...
> Special thanks to Davyd for it involvement.
> (I think he rewrote nealy the half if not more of the
> content. :) )

Quim Gil -

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