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So that there's no risk of leaving a crack for things to fall through, I don't have the time to be a sponsorship contact. I am happy, if someone else is taking it on, to chase down 2 or 3 companies; but we need to have someone co-ordinating the fundraising effort. This is urgent - if we start looking now, we can expect at least a month, perhaps two, before sponsors confirm. And that brings us into April. Another couple of weeks, and we'll be attacking May without knowing how much money we have available to us.

This person should be the official contact on the form, along with Quim (or someone else from the local team) for Spanish sponsors.


Ludovic Danigo wrote:
I have updated sponsorship as agreed on the GUADEC
meeting of last week and drop the
Exclusivities/Opportunities concept doesn't make sens
with only three sponsorship.

/!\ We need an official contact adress to put in the

I'll integrate the photo suggested by Quim tomorrow
allong we the new logo. BTW, as logos are mainly
blueish, should they be yellowished to fit the
Brochure look or should I blueish the Brochure
(probably the faster to do). Any thoughs anyone on
this ?

On past davyd comments :

"Left side bar - consider using a justified


This not really possible, It's ugly when you try to
justify Thre word on a line. So for "beauty" sake I
would rather consistently just make a little exception
here. Maybe punstuation could be dropped here ?

"The 7th Edition" <- this is a title, it should be

in title > case

I don't understand what you mean here.

"These streams wil in turn be aimed at three


groups of people:" No blank like after this

sentence, the

next three points should have bullet points and


should be an "and" after the ; in "The Client:


sessions on big ... ... corporate requirements and


The problem here is that Scribus doesn't support
bullet list. I used an hack that's acceptable for one
liner but absolutly ugly when using larger setences.

"Total sponsorship amount requested" - this doesn't


any sense, what is trying to be said here?

Well, it made sense when we had several sponsorship
packages, it's true it doesn't make sens now.

Page 8
We should use a vectorised image here, and possibly


the white background. Jeff Waugh has some



I was hopping to put the GUADEC logo here actually.

David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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