[guadec-list] GUADEC weekly meeting log

Here we go:

qgil: 21:00
qgil: (music of news headlines in the background)  ;)
bolsh: hola
qgil: welcome to the GUADEC weekly meeting here every Monday at 20h UTC
(21h Vilanova time)
qgil: just to know, who is prepared to participate?
qgil: ping sent to Devin, behdad, bolsh, glasseyes, halfline, Puaff,
vuntz, zwnj no need to respond if you will lurk, you donpt need to
answer if you're not here at the moment  ;)
qgil: Points to dicuss are - Brochure - Budget - Tend/Marquee for the
main conference room - Accomodation - Logo and theme contest - ...?
qgil: any preference to start with, something you wish to add?
qgil: (meeting alone is quite boring so... you better say hi)  :)
qgil: bolsh: about sponsorship levels, did you see my email this morning?
qgil: what do you think about the names of the packages and the amounts?
zwnj: qgil: hi, i'm not sure if i can help much, but i'm around :)
qgil: zwnj: anyone can help - just say what you feel you want to say
(we'll filter)  ;)
qgil: ok, in fact my only serious doubt is to set the Gold package to
10.000€ or 15.000€
bolsh: qgil: No, didn't notice it
qgil: I'll resend it now...
bolsh: qgil: I don't see it. Was it private? If not, I'll look in the
qgil: Re: Sponsorship levels (was Re: [guadec-list] Brochure design
settled - need content work)
qgil: sent to guadec.lis
qgil: at 09:57
qgil: resent now to free.fr
behdad: hey.  the log contest first? :-D
bolsh: Are you sure you sent it? It's not in the archives
bolsh: Hi behdad
behdad: s/log/logo/
bolsh: What is it with Iranians and the logo contest? :)
behdad: bolsh: heh, behnam 'zwnj', my brother, is the #1 contender :)
bolsh: :)
behdad: but I'm not sure why fa and elnaz made so much buzz
qgil: but there is nothing we can discuss about this  :)
behdad: heh, it was in the agenda, I thought you have the votes :-D
qgil: behdad: I see the same you can see, so open/closed is the process
behdad: seems like guadec week is totally synced on Iranian final exams btw.
***qgil wishes one day a big GNOME event happens in Tehran
behdad: heh.
qgil: would be so healthy for all of us...
***behdad secretly thinks about that every year...
qgil: one day I'll ecplain you my 30' with my feet in Iranian territory,
but now let's go ahead with the weekly meeting  :9
qgil: so about the contest (while bolsh reads sponsorship email)
qgil: the plan is to stay awake tonight until 23.59 UTC
qgil: pick he community vote and introduce it manually to the jury's ballot
qgil: open the jury's abllot (now closed even for my eyes) and see
what's in there
qgil: we have currently 31 votes in the community (or whatever) ballot:
qgil: and 5 of the 7 humans of the jury have voted by now
qgil: all this is enough to get a valid winner, I guess
behdad: cool.
qgil: I have no idea if the ballot of the jury is so tight as the
community's - which could deserve a prime time documentary  ;)
qgil: any question?
bolsh: Sorry - I was putting Thomas back to bed
qgil: Thomas Wood?  ;)
behdad: one should do a GNOME Journal report on the logo process :)
behdad: :)
bolsh: qgil: No - that's for later ;)
qgil: he he
qgil: also about the contest
qgil: the guadec committee has pre-decided to give the web theme prize
to tavon since he has put a lot of effort in his work and he is ready to
bolsh: Hm
bolsh: Currently, 112 is winning on transfers from 108
bolsh: Interesting
qgil: this example run-off system is being great to see the difference
with a conventional election of one person - one vote to one candidate
bolsh: I'm easy with the 10 or 15 thousand level
bolsh: In any case, once you get to that level of money, t's all in the
human touch ;)
qgil: this is why I think we can put 15
fsmw [~Fernando 113-154-144 adsl cust tie cl] ha entrat a la sala.
fsmw ha sortit de la sala (quit: Ex-Chat).
qgil: hombreeeee
fsmw [~Fernando 113-154-144 adsl cust tie cl] ha entrat a la sala.
qgil: Fernando is around hurray hurray!!!  :)
behdad: bolsh: any plan to propose a referendum to make foundation board
elections to the run-off system?
qgil: do we need referendum for this?
behdad: donno.
fsmw: hi folks
behdad: hi
fsmw: is me
qgil: Fernando, will you be able to vote as jury member before the
deadline tonight?
fsmw: yes, how?
behdad: sorry guys, got to run before banks close...
***fsmw have to much emails in the inbox
qgil: I'm going to forward you the mail with instructions
fsmw: cool
qgil: behdad: thanks for being here
qgil: think about the tehran event
behdad: qgil: thank *you* for all the hard work.
qgil: we really need things like this
behdad: will do.
qgil: I keep thinking while seeing the news these days (oh my, I'm a
mid.East lover!!!)
bolsh: behdad: Someone else proposed it already
bolsh: But it fell on only mildly interested ears
bolsh: qgil: And here I thought you were a Latin lover
qgil: that was my next phase
qgil: but before I came to learn arab writing, some arab words, and then
you end up knowing more about Iran
qgil: and why not even the arabs dared to have trouble with them
fsmw: qgil, do you need something else by now?, i got my elder daughter
sick at the clinic, infected with a viru
qgil: fsmw: then just forget the contest
qgil: really
qgil: it's just an anecdote
fsmw: ok
qgil: Dave can vote on behalf you, for instance
qgil: or nobody
qgil: the community vote will have more % weight
fsmw: i didn't sleep well last four days
qgil: reallym this is not problematic
fsmw: thanks
fsmw: is there some decisions about registration?
fsmw: payment methods and something?
qgil: I want to talk to you about this
qgil: but only when you have sleeped well and you have your taughter fit  ;9
qgil: so
qgil: contest done, sponsorship comes next
qgil: ok to 15.000 then
qgil: about he names, are they ok
fsmw: ok, i'll talk to the medic later, i guess that she will be in the
clinic all this week
bolsh: OK to 15
bolsh: I have a lead on $5K, but I'm not holding my breath
qgil: fsmw: take care and do not worry about GUADEC/GNOME whatever
behind your screen monitor
bolsh: We need to seriously get a team trucking towards sponsorship here
bolsh: The document is useful, but not essential to getting started with
big companies
fsmw: qgil, anyway i'm at work now
qgil: bolsh: we need to define who is part of this team
jordim: I swear I just got a spam about "Vilanova's Carnival"
jordim: hello
bolsh: qgil: Indeed
qgil: hi jordim, I got that too!
bolsh: Right now it's just me, more or less
qgil: and me
jordim: qgil: I just forwarded it to you, just in case you hadn't seen it :)
bolsh: Jeff's about too, but I really don't know what he's at, and I'm
not on IRC much these daysd
qgil: bolsh: I see Jeff is not only quite busy but also he is wearing
Canonicals hat for GUADEC stuff
qgil: more to be said about this once I talk to him, wearing myself the
GUADEC coordinator's hat
qgil: i just got an email from him today, and another one from Jane
Silber from Canonical last week
qgil: just to let you know
bolsh: OK
bolsh: About what?
qgil: I collaborate with Canonical for Spanish related stuff since...
almost the beginning of Ubuntu, I know this channel
bolsh: I know
qgil: about the sponsorship team
bolsh: OK - I guess someone needs to fill me in, because I'm lost
bolsh: You're collaborating with Jeff on sponsorship, but Jeff's wearing
his canonical hat?
bolsh: So Canonical are going to sponsor?
qgil: bolsh: by now it is something I can't talk in a chat room, sorry
qgil: I guess the rest understand as well
bolsh: I understand
bolsh: I miss not having a confidential channel where we can talk freely
about this kind of thing
qgil: guadec.planning is supposed to do that
qgil: I will do some cleaning, though
qgil: there is many people that haven't said anything since I'm
subscribed there
Puaff: hi, good night all
qgil: and they are stopping me to discuss stuff like this there
ldng [~ldng 37 Red-83-50-196 dynamicIP rima-tde net] ha entrat a la sala.
ldng: hi
ldng: sorry for missing the meeting, I was commuting had to stay late at
ldng: anything of interest for the brochure has being discussed ?
bolsh: ldng: We agreed it's crap, and you'll have to start again
qgil: hi ldng, we were discussing the sponsorship levels
bolsh: Only joking!
bolsh: No, really
qgil: ldng: I hope you understand the French sense of humour  ;)
ldng: Indeed
qgil: bolsh: this reminds a question I always have for you when I don't
have a keyboard around
bolsh: Go ahead
qgil: are you burn in France? is Neary a French surname?
qgil: born
bolsh: qgil: No - Irish
bolsh: Funny you should ask, since we've spoken on the phone and in person
qgil: and?
qgil: :)
bolsh: Well, I don't have a French accent, for a start
qgil: "Neary" could be some aristocratic French surname, isn't it?
bolsh: Could be, isn'ty
bolsh: So - budget?
qgil: I thought it could be possible to be French and speak English wit
no French accent but I see it's an utopia now
ldng: qgil, so what did come out of the sponsorship level discution ?
qgil: ok to three levels
qgil: 25 15 5
bolsh: ldng: $5, $15, $25
qgil: €€€€€€€€€€€
bolsh: Oh?
bolsh: €?
ldng: so I revert to $ ?
ldng: ok
qgil: GUAD€C
qgil: (now I found the best logo!!)
ldng: € ?
qgil: I think an European event should have prices in euros
qgil: isn0t this the normal thing to do?
ldng: I agree
ldng: so
bolsh: qgil: The dollar is the international unit of currency, and we
tended to do that before (since most of our sponsors are in the US)
ldng: which currency pleeeaaassee
bolsh: But euros is OK too
bolsh: ldng: Euros
bolsh: EOF
qgil: ok
qgil: names
qgil: cornerstone, gold, silver
Puaff: qgil, please what is the meaning of cornerstone in spanish?
qgil: Puaff: this is a good question
qgil: it's an exclusive sponsor - there is just one cornerstone sponsor
ldng: Rinconpieda, facil
Puaff: ok, thx
ldng: :p
qgil: Esquina de Piedra is just not that cool
ldng: lo se
Puaff: lol
qgil: we'll need to find a trabslation such as Patrocinador Exclusivo
for that
qgil: but then again, I donpt think we get this one from Spain
Puaff: I see, thx :)
qgil: agreed the gold and silver?
bolsh: Can we talk a bit about budget?
qgil: we need to discuss the most important; what we offer to each package
qgil: I see very few differences by now
ldng: well, it rather Patrocinador Endispensable, diria yo
bolsh: Passes for the company
ldng: mas bien
ldng: tal vez, no ?
qgil: ldng: ok
ldng: bolsh, oui ?
bolsh: $5K = 1 pass, $15K = 4 passes, $25K = 10 passes
qgil: well
qgil: wel.....
qgil: the difference should be elsewhere
qgil: when they are paying these amounts
bolsh: Yes - there are other differences
bolsh: $10K = bigger logo on website and in ads
bolsh: $25K = banner in conference hall during keynotes
qgil: what are our advertisement "surfaces"?
bolsh: Sorry - €15K
bolsh: and €25K
qgil: the halls
qgil: the bags
bolsh: qgil: The sides of the lecture hall for the keynotes, in front of
the speaker stand, above the door on the way into/out of the hall
qgil: the website
qgil: the program
bolsh: The bags, too, of course
bolsh: And the program needs some adv ertising this year
qgil: the social events
qgil: raffles à la Nokia llast year
qgil: what else?
bolsh: qgil: Generally, the social events (in professional conferences)
are opportunities - for example, a sponsor at €25K has the right to
organise a social occasion, at his expense, in exchange for his sponsorship
qgil: what about letting them have a stand in the entrance hall?
ldng: yeah, we need to do that, raffle, popular it is !
qgil: if they want to?
bolsh: Speaker slots
bolsh: I don't like that though
ldng: why ?
ldng: I think it's something pretty common
qgil: speaker slots? I donpt like them
bolsh: Allowing people to buy speaker slots is just pure whoring, and it
lowers our editorial control of the conference
qgil: I think our sponsors have anyway interesting things to explain
***ldng want to see futur Novell Desktop presented by Nat :p
qgil: bolsh: agreed, I would invite them to submit call for papers
qgil: they ahve for sure interesting stuff to present
bolsh: You end up having a panel on "big deployments" woth 4 sponsors
talking to 3 schmucks who didn't read the schedule right
qgil: and they can go through the same editorial process as the others
qgil: hey hey
bolsh: qgil: That's not how it happens, though, and you'll find that out
when we go to IBM
ldng: Yes but until now, they've been pretty much respectful concerning
the quality of their speaking slot or not ?
bolsh: Sorry - I got carried away :)
bolsh: ldng: We've had trouble in previous GUADECs going out on a
squeak, because of (in part) sponsor bought speaker slots
qgil: what will happen when we goto IB?
qgil: M
bolsh: qgil: They will ask for a speaker slot in exchange for €15K
bolsh: And if you say no, they will say no
qgil: I think it's just a problem of wording
qgil: when they say this we respond;
qgil: of course, done! please submit the talk you want to have at
ldng: bolsh, but can we manage to get them to fit in the tracks ?
qgil: http://...../calforpapers
bolsh: qgil: Naughty :)
ldng: we can always ask anyway
qgil: or http://..../sponsorslots
qgil: (which is a redrect to the same page)  :P
bolsh: ldng: Compromise is for the weak :)
bolsh: We don't need their stinkin' money
bolsh: They can come on our terms, or not at all
bolsh: (OK, I'm taking a hard line, but I mean it)
qgil: well ok, the sponsors' haunters will deal with this problem if it
qgil: I would not put it in the brochure, nor in any printed material
ldng: so if you know they will act as this, we can try to avoid them simple
qgil: I keeo thinking that IBM has something interesting to explain in
GUADEC anyway
bolsh: ldng: I don't think we should avoid them
bolsh: We should ask them, and explain what we're aiming for
bolsh: But it's not likely to work
bolsh: qgil: Of course they do
bolsh: I don't know what, but they must have.
bolsh: So - budget
qgil: we'll give'em the opportunity to tell us
ldng: that is why I prefered to have more package because as this, if
you get say 5 or 10 little sponsor you can say to the big one, that
would be great that you sponsor us, but we don't really need you
qgil: budget
bolsh: What will we be spending money on? How much do we need?
bolsh: That will dictate to some extent how much we get
qgil: lets see what is not going to cost money
bolsh: Quim, what's the status on your expenses right now? Are you ready
to start submitting expense requests to the board?
qgil: Iwill deliver a proper budget this week at least concerning my own
qgil: they are related to my visits to BCN/Vlanova, and yesterday I got
a calendar to propose to the locals
qgil: apart from me
ldng: qgil, I haven't check yet but do I have editing right on guadec site ?
qgil: we have travel & expenses of some people
qgil: ldng: which user are you using?
ldng: qgil, ldanigo
qgil: we need to define how many people are we going to sponsor at least
qgil: then  we could increase depending on the success in sponsorship
ldng: qgil, did you find time to discuss the map copyright problem with
our vilanova contact or not yet ?
qgil: no, because I owe some answer to Vilanova and will send them all
at the same time
ldng: ok
qgil: ldng: you're editor now
qgil: sponsoring people
ldng: qgil, ok thanks
qgil: we have organisation / speakers and participants
qgil: do we have any reference of previous years?
bolsh: qgil: OK, great news
ldng: on the sidebar of sponsorship page I put a little blurb aying we
can be contacted for sponsorship
bolsh: What we did last year, which worked well, was that we put a
provision, $10K, aside before the conference
ldng: maybe it could be rewritten better
bolsh: That was seed money, to allow Tim to start buying tickets for
people earlier
bolsh: Rather than paying more money buying them at the last minute
qgil: bolsh: this is cool, yes
qgil: also, we have got a price to hire the whole youth hostel for that
qgil: and we will have a price for having the whole students' appartments
ldng: And I just thought that we could put a sponsorship link on the
main page
ldng: I mean in the main menu
qgil: ldng: ok
bolsh: I do not have the details from previous years on how many people
we brought to GUADEC, only how much money we spent
qgil: main menu? well, we'll see
qgil: money is what matters
ldng: to a page that have the Brochure, as this we do a kind of "passive
qgil: I mean, people is what matters
qgil: but to do budgets, money matters more  :)
ldng: it's balance
ldng: ;)
qgil: I think the budget should includo those 10k for travel expenses
and then we should close accommodation packages
qgil: asap
qgil: so we get god prices
qgil: good
bolsh: qgil: Will you be able to come along to the board meeting on
qgil: mmm if I need to, yes
bolsh: I'm afraid I can't stay much longer, we've run over my timeslot :)
qgil: you know, the problem is the family
bolsh: It's been a while since we had an update, and I think it would do
qgil: my partner and my dinner is waiting downstairs...  :(
qgil: ok, I'll be there then
bolsh: It would be a good idea to note the 3 or 4 boints where we have
not been reactive, and send some info on to the board on that as a
qgil: ok
bolsh: OK - let's call it a night then.
qgil: :)
bolsh: Can you send on the cost of the hostel to me, please? For info
bolsh: Night all
ldng: I to go too
ldng: bye
qgil: I'll send that info, the problem is about translating
ldng: 'night as well !
qgil: but maybe I send the priginal files and just summary translation
qgil: and if people have f¡doubts they can ask
qgil: so, we finsih the meeting
qgil: ?
qgil: if other people has more questins
ldng: I think so :)
qgil: we (I) are in the last minutes
ldng: bye
qgil: bye
ldng ha sortit de la sala (quit: Leaving).
qgil: Puaff: questions?
qgil: bolsh: thanks for being here this time
qgil: 5
qgil: 4
qgil: 3
qgil: 2
qgil: 1
qgil: eof

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