Re: [guadec-list] Logo contest result: tie (what to do now?)

I just added this comment to the news item (to get the order of preference, I started at the final round, and added the winner, and then the logos eliminated in each round):

Create 2 new votes in the jury poll, both consisting of the community vote (in order of preference) and see if that changes the outcome of the jury vote. This gives the community double-weight over a jury member.

By my reckoning, the order of preference in the community poll was (excluding logos that onlyu got 1 first preference vote):

   1. 112
   2. 102
   3. 108
   4. 113
   5. 116
   6. 91
   7. 103
   8. 52

I have no idea what the revised result would be, but this seems like a decent and fair way to break the tie.

I think this should work.

Quim Gil wrote:
It's amazing. Run-off voting systems are used to avoid something like a
tie. But we got a tie in the logo contest.

Check to see the logos in conflict and
the links to the results.

What do you suggest to do? A tie was not planned because run-off systems
are known for solving ties automatically (with higher participation).


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