Re: [guadec-list] Logo contest result: tie (what to do now?)

On 7 Feb 2006, at 02:09, Quim Gil wrote:

It's amazing. Run-off voting systems are used to avoid something like a
tie. But we got a tie in the logo contest.

Check to see the logos in conflict and
the links to the results.

What do you suggest to do? A tie was not planned because run-off systems
are known for solving ties automatically (with higher participation).

Count how many times each logo includes the word "GUADEC"? Lock the artists in a room and have a pillow fight to the death? :)

One option might be to consider the logos on their technical merits (someone like tigert or jimmac might have to help out here)... i.e. whether one would be better than the other for reproduction in black- and-white, on photocopies, on posters, on t-shirts (does having a blue background limit us to doing blue t-shirts every year?) etc.


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