Re: Sponsorship levels (was Re: [guadec-list] Brochure design settled - need content work)

--- David Neary <dneary free fr> a écrit :
> We got ?25,000 from Nokia last year, and that's the
> highest we've ever 
> had. We should try to maintain that level, but
> honestly if we can 
> persuade someone to cornerstone for ?20,000
> ($25,000) I think we should 
> take it.

OK. I just uploaded the last version trying to take in
account as many sugestion as possible. It's been
faster than I though but not pain and grumbling on my
part. Scribus really need more UI love on some point
(/me dream of core/UI seperation to be able to have a
great gnome UI on top of a good PAO core :) )...

And I would like to apologize as well to have come
hard on Gil in last mail. It's been a tense and
frustating week on several level. My lack of
diplomatie sometimes make me sound harder than I
really mean.

Ludovic Danigo

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