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Your image's size is 1156x4005 pixels. A bit too much to digest for the
image module as it is configured now. This is why you got a blanck image.

And if you are publishing an image node you can't attach a file without
uploading an image this is why you got an error message.

Seeing your mockup and the one submitted by Andreas I think the most
sensible is to collaborate to build a common theme. There is not much
point going ahead with the web theme contest with just two works
submitted and so similar both.

Do you agree? We can discuss this at

En/na John Hwang ha escrit:
> Hmm... I tried it again on another machine and it still doesn't work...
> I get a blank screen if I try to submit just an image and I get an error
> page if I try to attach a file...
> Can somebody try to upload this for me?  The text to the first message
> of this thread can be used as the description/body of the post.
> Thanks
> On 2/3/06, *John Hwang* <johnyhwang gmail com
> <mailto:johnyhwang gmail com>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I've tried to upload my theme to the Themes image gallery but there
>     seems to be a problem and my connection to
>     <> gets reset... 
>     The following are links to the screenshot and the theme files.
>     Screenshot:
>     Theme:
>     <>
>     The theme is functional, drupal 4.7 compatible, but incomplete.  It
>     still needs a lot of work, such as a front-page template, customized
>     templates for each node types, styling the forum, comments...etc.
>     You can install the theme and test run it.
>     Here are some of the strengths of my theme:
>     1. IE/Safari/Firefox compatible - They work in these 3 browsers.
>     2. Completely scale/resize-able... Some images such as the blocks
>     don't scale because I didn't bother to include a larger background,
>     but the rounded-corners and the navigation don't break when the user
>     increases their font-size.  I tried to use em's where it was possible.
>     3. I've included several backgrounds for the blocks, which can be
>     interchanged by editing the CSS files...
>     4. The Templates/CSS are ready to be expanded on.  I've broken the
>     CSS and template files into logical components.
>     Here's the "Reasons why I'm qualified" requirement...
>     * I've been using Drupal for the past couple years and I have
>     experience building customized Drupal sites as part of my freelance
>     work.  I'm familiar with the Drupal's core/module/theme system and
>     I've worked with many clients to build Drupal sites.
>     * I can do IA work and PDD/wireframe work for both guadec and
> <>.
>     * I've been active in the Drupal community and I'm becoming more
>     involved. 
>     * I'm the project leader for the Korean translation team and I run
>     the Drupal Korea community site.
>     * I am a gnome user. :-)
>     * I like F/OSS and I want to contribute to the gnome project.
>     * I just graduated from college and I'm have time while I look for a
>     job. ;^)
>     I'm currently working on another Drupal site and I need to finish it
>     by this weekend... I apologize for not submitting a
>     finished/polished theme, but this will have to do until I have time
>     starting next week.
>     Well, I think that's it... If there are any questions please let me
>     know.
>     John Hwang
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